Azara service works with clients around the world.

Сonnecting to accept cryptocurrency reception to your business, you expand your business. With the help of Acceptor, cryptocurrency processing will be very simple. Acceptor is designed so that the whole process takes minutes.We know that in in a rapidly developing world where borders are blurring and many new professions appear, as well as goods and services, a modern tool is needed to receive and send cryptocurrencies. The company made sure that the management, get, withdrawal cryptocurrencies was convenient and economical.

Accept bill payments across town or across borders



Receive payments from your clients all over the world

Online services


Expand you available ways of payments

Offline services


Collect donations never have been so easy

Charitable foundations


Make your exchange service more convenient



Point of Sale

Manage cryptocurrencies payments easily.

Azara has made it simple for everyone.

By logging to Azara you can easily & simply manage all operations with the tools that were developed for you

Azara without limits

Azara push the limits for your business

Azara makes possible to work without restrictions regardless of the location and species of your business



Azara is a growing company providing cryptocurrency payment processing services. Our solutions are quick and reliable. It is not necessary to know programming or understand blockchain technology. With prepared plugins, the connection will be almost instant. You can get acquainted with them on the page Plugins

Our service is seeking to offer the best conditions for each client

Right now you can connect cryptocurrency processing and start managing it using the products of our platform, including your personal account, mobile app or Telegram messenger. Detailed information is available on the Point of Sale page

Nowadays we process Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash , Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Monero payments but in the near future, we will expand the list of available cryptocurrencies. We have that on our roadmap .

Azara allows you to engage not only in sales and services but also set up your personal passive income. We have developed an efficient partnership program , after joining you will start to receive crypto bonus funds for each partner. We will pay up to 30% of our income.

One of the main advantages of our service is a low fee for all the customers. We offer the best conditions best conditions , a fee of 0,3%.

Azara is cryptocurrency payment gateway , which relies on customer requests, has created a payment setup system that is flexible and adaptive. Now each service can easily configure it to its requirements such as changing the number of confirmations, fees, and payments. Understanding the risk of cryptocurrency volatility, our specialists have developed a protection tool from exchange rate risk.

Our clients can easily convert cryptocurrency into USD and vice versa while maintaining a USD balance.You can also withdraw cryptocurrency to any convenient payment system.

We use only the most advanced technologies in developing new tools and cryptocurrency processing services. Thereby you can be confident in the security of transactions and safety of your personal data. We use a specially designed unique API system.