The main goal of Azara is the popularization of cryptocurrencies and their widespread use.

We drew attention to the market of exchange services and found that there are not enough quality
tools for convenient and fast work. Consequently, our employees developed a BoxExchanger

The platform was developed using the next technologies:

  • NodeJS, C ++, Go
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • Vue.JS, React.JS

Main features of BoxExchanger:

Support 2FA of the
administrators and users

Automatically backups

Full protection of the website
against XSS and CSRF attacks,
as well as DDOS attacks

Full blocking of unauthorized

Injection protection, BruteForce
blocking, as well as smart firewall, UFW

Encryption of password configurations and important payment data using AES-256

Protection of client data with JWT
from spoofing, support for TLS,
SSL certificates and etc.

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Always near

We made sure that the platform management was as convenient and
comfortable as possible for each owner of personal
service because we developed BoxExchanger Control.

With it you will feel complete freedom of action.

BoxExchanger Control is your service on the smartphone
To start managing your platform right now just install the application on your smartphone.