About us

Azara is a new and ambitious project specializing in cryptocurrency processing. We are working on the development and enhancement of the settlement system between sellers and customers.

Our team produces effective tools for realizing simple payment acceptance.

We offer a convenient and multifunctional cryptocurrency infrastructure. The complete setup process requires just a few steps. As a result, customers receive a modern and sought-for method of making payments.

Our main task is the implementation and support of a multipurpose system with adaptation for online shopping, apps, startups, and Telegram-bots. You can control it in your personal account or directly from your smartphone.

Azara service does not stand still and develops other tools to simplify work with cryptocurrencies.

The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency is an important step for any business. Such payments pass quickly, with anonymity and have a high degree of security. We will help you to set up the acceptance of the demanded cryptocurrency. Connect to Azara and use only modern and effective tools for interaction with customers.

We appreciate our clients and are result oriented. Thereby you can trust us.

Currently, the company has already completed some of the tasks. which laid in the road map. Namely, Azara provides the processing of Bitcoin , Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Bitcoin cashe, Dogecoin payments. Also developed an effective cryptocurrency wallet with support for many cryptocurrencies.