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Azara partnership program is an excellent way of organising a passive income.

Azara has developed a generous incentive system. Thanks to it, you can not only spend but also earn cryptocurrency.

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The partnership system includes various incentive options:

- in each payment for the store you connected up to 30%, one-time payments for connected for the connected store up to $ 200 are also provided

- Cashback system in which the company returns up to 50% of the commission for withdrawing to payment systems, when using the commission cryptocurrency wallet Encourage active cryptocurrency wallet users

- and of course this is a referral system whereby you will receive passive income from users you have invited (up to 30%) In order to start earning income you must register and become a full member of Azara in order to start earning additional funds. We will place an individual referral link in your account. If necessary, you can request a graphic banner.

Place a link or banner on your website or any social network and tell potential partners about the benefits of cryptocurrency gateway. Each new connected partner will be able to increase your passive income.

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