Point of Sale


Personal account

Azara has developed a unique online cabinet available for any browser. With the help of an online account, you will open up all the possibilities of Azara. There you will find a unique cryptocurrency wallet with functionality for exchanging, receiving and withdrawing cryptocurrencies to payment systems. Of course, with the help of your personal account, you can control the acceptance of payments in your store. In your personal account you will find all the technical information about api checkout and much more

Mobile app

The company always goes one step with the times and therefore has developed a terrific mobile version of Azara. Now Azara is available on your mobile device and will always accompany you. To start using all the functionality of the company, just install it on your smartphone. After installation, you will feel that your gadget has turned into a cryptocurrency smartphone. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cache, Zcash, Dash, Monero and many others in your smartphone

Azara mobile app screenshot 1
Azara mobile app screenshot 2