Privacy Policy

Azara privacy policy serves to guarantee the security of our clients' rights in the treatment of personal information.

The current policy provides basic guidelines for the procedure for receiving and processing data.

Personal data is any collected information that relates to a specific user of our service and could be used later to identify a natural person.

It is necessary to be acquainted with the privacy policy and agree to its terms, before signing up and using our service. Periodically, the information changes, therefore we recommend getting acquainted with it when it does.

The provision of services allows Azara to collect a list of information about a the user:

• Data that users independently sends to the company, including registration and communication with technical support.

• Data obtained automatically when customers use our service.

• Data that is received by Azara from partners with whom we cooperate


We are able to collect cookies to further identify visitors by providing access to the site and service functionality. The information is preserved in a simple text file on your computer and improves the interaction of resources with visitors. Unfortunately, without this data, some systems may not work correctly.

Cookies connect with your personal data and allow offering services with an increased level of personalization.

Purpose of using personal data

Azara processes customer information to improve services.

Such as:

· Acceleration of consideration of complaints and appeals to technical support

· Improving the security of the service

· Preventing cheating

· The relevant offer of our services and tools

· Acquaintance with current information about our service

Azara also reserves the right to use personal data for internal company purposes, including analytics, improving customer interaction and increasing the quality of ongoing services.

Transmission of personal data

Azara does not transmit, exchange or sell personal data to third persons. If it is necessary to transfer information to the partners of our service, the user permission must be obtained to carry out the relevant operation. Also, we have the right to transfer user information upon official request under the current legislation.

Azara reserves the right to disclose and publish impersonal information or general statistics. Using it will not allow us to identify the user of the service and find out the personal data of a particular person.

This page is the main section of the Azara privacy policy. When it changes, all updates will also be posted in the current section

Use the contacts listed below to contact us to consult and resolve issues related to using your data.