Before you start using, please read the main guidelines on the pages
-Terms of use
-Privacy policy.
First, you need to create an account. Go to the website (www.azara.ai), click sign up in the menu and provide personal information. Then you need to select log in and enter your data

After sign up, you need to select the merchant menu in your account; then click add a merchant. Fill data and save the API key and secret.

You can get all necessary information in the menu of your merchant in your personal account by selecting the merchant DOC section

If you could not find an answer to your question you are always able to contact our technical support. We want offer our customers the best service, therefore our tech support works 24 hours and 7 days a week without interruptions.
Choose a suitable way:
- create a request by selecting the desired department on the page help&support
- contact us by email [email protected]
The support service solve problems as quickly as possible, but speed of assistance depends on the completeness of the information provided by the client and the workload of tech department

Azara strives to create only reliable and safe tools for customers, but we pay attention to the fact that the safety of funds lies primarily on users.

The main source of information about the company is website www.azara.ai

Telegram bot and APPlications provide the same features and capabilities that are available in your account.

For convenience, you can choose any available way to manage and configure the platform:
IOS and Android APP
Personal account
Telegram bot

Azara interacts with several bitcoin exchanges when calculating exchange rates
These exchanges complies with the requirements of the company as they have sufficient liquidity and advanced functionality
In the future, we will offer additional functions at exchange rates of cryptocurrency as well as national currencies.

For convenience the company made the minimum invoice cost, which is 0.0002 bitcoin. It is about 1 USD.

One of azar’s excellent tools is a cryptocurrency exchanger which works also backwards.
It helps to fix income in USD.

Currently, the minimum amount available for exchange is 0.005 Bitcoin

Yes, customers are charged a fee of 0.2% on each side of the exchange.
Learn more about platform fees on the page «Pricing»

Azara does not charge a withdrawal fee
The company offers for its clients ((financial services, charitable foundations, APPlications, start-ups, etc.) Only the best payment processing conditions. Currently, it is 0.3%. More details are on the page «pricing».

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.005 bitcoin

Now the company maintains bitcoin processing
In the near future, we will expand the cryptocurrency list.
Also, Azara is ready to cooperate in adding new cryptocurrencies

Withdrawal is instant. In rare cases it may take up to 30 minutes
If there is a delay in the withdrawal of funds, please contact technical support.

It may hAPPen if you made a payment not from a personal wallet but from a third person service (exchange or exchange service), since these services may take a delay to withdrawal.
You need to contact support service you used you to make payments and report all required information (amount, order id)

This service will be useful for financial services which simplifies the automation process of withdrawal
To enable this function, you need to get the API keys. API keys are in the menu of the rest API account. Next you can use the way /API/ v1 / user / withdrawal / create / method
Learn more on the page docs API.

You can get the following info:
-date and time of operation
-sum of operation
-type of transaction
-comments and transaction ID
- operation condition

We strongly recommend activating two-factor protection to increase the level of security of your funds

Before using two-factor authentication, you need to install a mobile APP. Azara recommends using Google Auth.
After installing the APP, perform the following steps:
Log in your azara account and select the setting menu. Change the position of the 2FA flag
Open the authenticator APP , click +, and then scan qr code in your account or enter a text code.
You will see a 6-digit code that changes periodically in the authenticator APP. Enter the code from the APP in the field enter code.
Click confirm and 2FA will be active.

Change password is really easy. It is enough to log in, select in menu «setting». Enter your current password. After that change password and confirm changes

You need to contact technical support and provide detailed information.

Do not worry if you lost your password. You need to contact our technical support, which is always ready to help.