Meet the new and rapid Bitcoin platform for your business

Clear price policy

Azara offers the most beneficial conditions on the market of cryptocurrency processing.A low-fee system allows our partners to get more profit from the sale of each product:

  • Bitcoin (available for deposit and withdrawal)
  • USD (available for conversion)
  • Ethereum (available for deposit and withdrawal)
  • Litecoin (available for conversion)
  • Ripple (available for conversion)
  • EOS (available for conversion)
  • Monero (available for conversion)
  • DASH (available for conversion)
  • Zcash (available for conversion)
  • NEM (available for conversion)
  • TRON (available for conversion)
  • Ethereum Classic (available for conversion)
  • TERA (available for conversion)
  • Dogecoin (available for conversion)
  • Other cryptocurrencies(soon)
  • 0.3% is the starting fee level for all new partners, crowdfunding platforms, charitable foundations or start-ups. The minimal rate will be valid during the first year of cooperation.
  • 1% is the maximum fee level for all customers of the service. The growth rate will be carried out gradually.
  • 0.3% is with a high level of funds turnover cryptocurrency, we set a minimum fee permanently and without time limits.
  • 0.2% -for converting USD into cryptocurrency and back.This service is necessary for those who want to protect themselves from changes in the cryptocurrency rate

We are an upcoming company, and we care about the features and needs of our customers, therefore, apart from standard conditions, there are also individual options without an interest-free fee. In this case, our clients pay a fixed rate agreed in advance throughout the entire period of cooperation. This will be especially useful in various financial services.