Term of Use

Please read the following Terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as – “the Terms”) carefully before using the website (https://www.azara.ai), mobile applications for Android and IOS, as well as online-services that work and are available through this website.

This arrangement is an Agreement between the User of the website and the Operator of the website Azara (hereinafter referred to as – “We”) and applies to all physical persons, visitors, users and others who have access to the website or use its online-services.


1.1. These Terms of Use, as well as the updates, are considered as a complete agreement between you and Aazara (name of the IT-platform). The Terms you can use Azara (name of the IT-platform) are governed by these Terms. By clicking on the “Accept” button, you agree to the Terms.

A User who does not agree to obey these Terms is not entitled to use Azara (website address). The website is available for use by persons aged 18 and over. By accepting these Terms, you acknowledge that you are already 18 years old.

1.2. These Terms will automatically become void, if it turns out that you:

• are not a User of the website, or

• are under 18 years of age, or

• you are not entitled to use the website according to the laws of any country, including the country of your residence or the intended use of the website.

1.3. You acknowledge and agree that by accepting these Terms, you conclude a legally binding agreement with the Azara (name of a company or IT-platform).

1.4. If you are a resident of jurisdiction, where the use of the website or services is prohibited by law, do not use the website. IT-platform is not obliged to verify that you are authorized to use the website, and IT-platform is not responsible for your use of the Azara. IT-platform reserves the right to block your account on the website if there are any doubts about your right to participate.

1.5. Azara reserves the right to change and amend the Terms at any time and in its own discretion. Any changes to the Terms shall come into force immediately after they are published on the website.


2.1. The condition for using the IT platform is to create your account. The right and opportunity to use the IT platform will be granted only after registration. We reserve the right to request the necessary documents in order to identify and verify Users. If you are acting as an individual, you should provide certificate of identity (passport, ID and so on). If you are acting on behalf of a legal entity, you must provide information about the legal entity (certificate of incorporation, Articles of Association and oth.). You agree to provide accurate and complete information when you register on the website, and you agree to update personal data to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

2.2. Your account will be created after specifying your email address and creation a password to login. The email address you provided and intended to identify you is valid for the duration of your account. You have the right to change the password for your identification.

2.3. Azara may find that your activity on the website seems to be fraudulent, and in this case Azara has the right to immediately terminate any relationship with you and to limit access to your account.

2.4. You agree that Azara may, at its sole discretion and without previous notice, to suspend or terminate the access to the website (or its functions) to you personally or to all Users.

2.5. You agree that you will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the website.

2.6. You agree to use website only for purposes that are permitted by these Terms, applicable laws and regulations. You agree to obey applicable legislation, including tax, particularly, reporting and payment of taxes arising from your use of the website, and that you are responsible for reporting and paying them.

2.7. You agree that you will not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell the website content.

2.8. You agree that you are personally responsible for use of the website, and that Azara shall not be liable to you or any third party for use of the Website. However, Azara shall take all reasonable steps to provide services in a proper manner.

2.9. Azara reserves the right to preview, view, filter, modify or delete any or all content, materials or services from the website.

2.10. You agree and guarantee to Azara that you will not use the website for money laundering, financing of terrorism or any other illegal transactions. If there is any evidence or suspicion that you breach this obligation, your account will be blocked.

2.11. The User is obliged to immediately notify Azara of improperly provided services, loss, theft, unauthorized use or illegal acquisition of data to access the IT-platform.

2.12. Azara reserves the right to immediately, without previous notice, terminate or suspend all operations in virtual currency, if you do not perform or improperly perform their obligations.


3.1. The User has the right to use the website as a technical service in a manner permitted by the functionality of the website and these Terms.

3.2. IT platform allows you to accept virtual currency (Bitcoin and other virtual currencies) as payment from buyers of goods and services. Azara under no circumstances is responsible for the change or loss of the value of the virtual currency. The risk associated with such change is borne by the User.

3.3. Azara may use third party services (partners, service providers, contractors, agents, any other organizations that are legally incorporated and legally operating) to provide services.

3.4. Azara organizes the provision of a wallet with the cooperation of a partner/partners so that the User can perform payment transactions, in particular, transactions with virtual currency (Bitcoins and other virtual currencies), as well as trade, buy/sell, convert, deposit and manage their funds. For each transaction the seller pays a commission, but not more than 1% of its amount.


4.1. You may refuse to access the website and use it on your own initiative.

4.2. Azara may terminate these Terms at any time if:

• Azara decides to terminate the Site

• You do not comply with any provision of these Terms

• You stop being a User

• Azara must do this in accordance with the law

• You have provided incorrect warranties specified in these Terms

4.3. All intellectual property rights on the website and the IT-platform belong to Azara.


5.1. You understand and agree that you use the IT-platform at your own risk.

5.2. Under no circumstances shall we, the parent company, subsidiaries, employees or suppliers, are not liable for loss of profit or damages resulting from or in connection with our website, our services, and so on).

5.3. The website may contain links to websites owned or operated by parties who are not the IT-platform. Such links are provided for informational purposes only. The IT-platform does not control and is not responsible for their contents. The insertion of links to third-party resources does not imply endorsement of these materials on the website or, except as otherwise expressly stated, any sponsorship, affiliation or association with its owner, operator or sponsor, and such insertion of links does not imply that the IT-platform has the right to use any tradename, trademark, logo, seal, or a copyrighted symbol that may be displayed on a linked website. The IT-platform does not control third-party content, including content published by you or other Users of the IT-platform, and does not control it for compliance with any requirements (for example, truthfulness, integrity, legitimacy). Accordingly, the IT-platform does not bear any responsibility arising from your access or use of third-party content.

5.4. Under no circumstances, Azara shall not be liable for direct or indirect damage incurred in connection with the use of IT-platform.

5.5. Azara_ is not a registered investment advisor, broker/dealer, financial analyst, bank or financial plan. Azara is a technology provider that facilitates the exchange of information over the Internet. All information on the website is provided for informational purposes only. The information on the website is not considered to be financial or investment advice. Azara is not responsible for any decision made by the User. We are not a party to the transaction between the users of the IT-platform, namely, between sellers and buyers.

5.6. Azara shall not be liable for natural disasters, hacker attacks from intruders and other unforeseen circumstances.

5.7. Azara shall make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of the website and there are no errors, viruses, and other malware, but does not guarantee it.